[PATCH] Allow empty e820 map if EFI map will be provided later.
No! Bloody **** hell no! This is yet another attempt at doing more of the wrong thing, which not only will make it harder to push things that should be earlier in the kernel there. This was settled in 2007 -- it is the boot loaders duty to provide a memory map. The fact that we allowed a hack in to let th... 2 Jun 2010 13:08
oom: Make coredump interruptible
(add Roland) On 06/02, KOSAKI Motohiro wrote: Otoh, if we make do_coredump() interruptible (and we should do this in any case), then perhaps the TIF_MEMDIE+PF_COREDUMP is not really needed? Afaics we always send SIGKILL along with TIF_MEMDIE. How is to make per-process oom flag + interruptibl... 13 Jun 2010 21:35
[PATCH] Documentation: Add doc about aerdriver.* parameters to kernel-parameters.txt
Adding documentation about two aerdriver.* command line parameters. Signed-off-by: John L. Villalovos <john.l.villalovos(a)intel.com> diff --git a/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt b/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt index 1808f11..57ff168 100644 --- a/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt +++ b/Documentation/... 2 Jun 2010 12:02
[RFC] [PATCH] Allow empty e820 map if EFI map will be provided later.
If you are booting an x86-based system from an EFI BIOS that does not provide any e820-style memory maps, setup_arch() calls functions that expect to find the e820 maps long before it calls functions to find the EFI maps. The default behavior in arch/x86/kernel/e820.c is that if no e820 map exists, default_machine_... 2 Jun 2010 12:02
[GIT PULL] iBFT features for 2.6.35-rc1
Hi Linus, Please pull: git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/konrad/ibft-2.6.git for-linus Hopefully I am not too late with a git request for these features. This pull requests consists of new features to the iBFT* driver. Specifically: - support v1.03 of the spec. The spec in question is availab... 2 Jun 2010 12:02
[PATCH] scripts: confdata: Fix fwrite warning
I get for: scripts/kconfig/confdata.c:508 scripts/kconfig/confdata.c:759 scripts/kconfig/confdata.c:760 warning: ignoring return value of 'fwrite', declared with attribute warn_unused_result So check the return value and handle the error. Signed-off-by: Thomas Weber <weber(a)corscience.de> --- scripts/kcon... 2 Jun 2010 10:55
[PATCH] perf: avoid assertion for -p option in perf stat -a
It was possible to use perf stat in system-wide mode with -a and still attach to a process (-p) or thread (-t). The issue is that it is not possible to get a termination signal from the attached task, thus the command never terminates. Furthermore, passing -p -a was triggering the assertion in read_counter(). T... 2 Jun 2010 10:55
TCP: tcp_hybla: Fix integer overflow in slow start increment
From: Daniele Lacamera <root(a)danielinux.net> Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 14:02:04 +0200 From: root <root(a)kitchen.(none)> Please do not include incomplete authorship tags in your patch postings like this, I used the more complete one from your email headers. For large values of rtt, 2^rho operation may overflo... 2 Jun 2010 10:55
ipconfig: send host-name in DHCP requests
From: Wu Fengguang <fengguang.wu(a)intel.com> Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 11:19:53 +0800 Normally dhclient can be configured to send the "host-name" option in DHCP requests to update the client's DNS record. However for an NFSROOT system, dhclient shall never be called (which may change the IP addr and therefor... 2 Jun 2010 15:22
mac8390: raise error logging priority
From: Finn Thain <fthain(a)telegraphics.com.au> Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 22:18:56 +1000 (EST) Log error conditions using KERN_ERR priority. Signed-off-by: Finn Thain <fthain(a)telegraphics.com.au> Applied, thank you. -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of a... 2 Jun 2010 12:02