Additional info on modpost segfault
Missed adding the actual segfault message: LD drivers/usb/built-in.o LD drivers/built-in.o LD vmlinux.o MODPOST vmlinux.o /bin/sh: line 1: 20665 Segmentation fault (core dumped) scripts/mod/modpost -o /home/alan/GitTrees/linux-2.6-mid-ref/Module.symvers -S vmlinux.o make[1]: ... 11 Jun 2010 19:15
modpost segfaults with 32bit compile on 64 bit version of Fedora 13
I have reported this to the Fedora bugzilla. Not getting much traction on the problem. Maybe someone here has an idea. I have a x86_64 version of Fedora 13. I try and build a kernel under i386 and modpost segfaults every time. (Works fine on Fedora 12 and gcc 4.4.3.) It does not matter if I use "make ARCH=x... 3 Jun 2010 23:25
[BUGFIX][PATCH] memcg fix wake up in oom wait queue
Tested on mmotm-2010-06-03 and works well. == From: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <kamezawa.hiroyu(a)> OOM-waitqueue should be waken up when oom_disable is canceled. This is a fix for memcg-oom-kill-disable-and-oom-status.patch How to test: Create a cgroup A... 1. set memory.limit and memory.memsw.limit ... 3 Jun 2010 23:25
I need your honesty
UBS International Holdings BV Herengracht 600 NL-1017 CJ Amsterdam, Netherlands. Greetings, I am an investment consultant working with UBS International Holdings BV in the Netherlands. I will be happy to work this transaction out with you if you have a corporate or personal Bank Ac... 3 Jun 2010 23:25
NMI & register clash handling infrastructure
Hi, This is my first post to the group, please excuse me, If I unknowingly miss to follow writing ethics. Proposal/Need: I was working on providing accurate process usage support, and writing a kernel module, I configured cpu-core-unhalted-event and configured LVT (local vector table) with NMI (non-maskab... 3 Jun 2010 23:25
virtio: support layout with avail ring before idx
On Wed, 2 Jun 2010 12:17:12 am Michael S. Tsirkin wrote: This adds an (unused) option to put available ring before control (avail index, flags), and adds padding between index and flags. This avoids cache line sharing between control and ring, and also makes it possible to extend avail control without incur... 6 Jun 2010 06:10
linux-next: manual merge of the wireless tree with the net tree
Hi John, Today's linux-next merge of the wireless tree got a conflict in drivers/net/wireless/wl12xx/wl1271.h drivers/net/wireless/wl12xx/wl1271_cmd.h between commit ba2d3587912f82d1ab4367975b1df460db60fb1e ("drivers/net: use __packed annotation") from the net tree and commit eb70eb723b489dd4e233e22e47d993f5985... 4 Jun 2010 02:41
arch/tile: respond to reviews of the second code submission.
On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 17:32:17 -0400 Chris Metcalf <cmetcalf(a)> wrote: This change addresses DMA-related comments by FUJITA Tomonori What about the comment on dma_alloc_coherent()? The rest changes look fine. -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of ... 7 Jun 2010 02:02
[PATCH 1/2] tracing/sched: Make preempt_schedule() notrace
From: Steven Rostedt <srostedt(a)> The function tracer code uses ftrace_preempt_disable() to disable preemption instead of normal preempt_disable(). But there's a slight race condition that may cause it to lose a preemption check. This was made to keep the function tracer from recursing on itself by di... 3 Jun 2010 22:20
[PATCH 0/2] [GIT PULL] tracing: removal of ftrace_preempt_disable
Ingo, This bug has been around for a while, and it only causes missed preemption checks (nothing to crash the kernel). This can wait till 2.6.36. Please pull the latest tip/perf/core-3 tree, which can be found at: git:// tip/perf/core-3 ... 3 Jun 2010 22:20