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[PULL REQUEST] md: various bug fixes
Hi Linus, Please consider pulling the following changes for 2.6.35. They are: - fixes for regressions introduced in -rc1 (Restore partition....) - fixes for enhancements added in -rc1 which were not yet perfect (mostly relating to 'takeover' of one level by another) - fixes for bugs of lo... 28 Jun 2010 00:51
Staging: otus: fix coding style issues in ioctl.c
On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 05:36:53PM -0500, Gustavo Silva wrote: This is a patch to the ioctl.c file that fixes up the following issues: ERROR: that open brace { should be on the previous line x 3 WARNING: please, no space before tabs x 1 ERROR: space required before the open parenthesis '(... 27 Jun 2010 23:46
cpumask: reduce cpumask_size
> Now we're sure noone is using old cpumask operators, nor *cpumask, we can allocate less bits safely. This reduces the memory usage of off-stack cpumasks when CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK=y but we don't have NR_CPUS actual cpus. I have to say I'm sorry. Probably I broke your assumption. If this patch applied,... 28 Jun 2010 07:19
Prize Won!($500,000.00 and two dell laptop), kindly confirm receipt of this email,by forwarding Your Details as stated below to our events manager on Email: microsoftcorporateteam(a) Name/Address/Tel number/Age/Occupation/Country of Origin. _______________________________________________________... 27 Jun 2010 23:46
[PATCH 2/2] Makefile: "make kernelrelease" should show the correct full kernel version
From: Amerigo Wang <amwang(a)> Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 10:45:21 +0800 After commit 85a256d8e0116c8f5ad276730830f5d4d473344d, 'make kernelrelease' doesn't show the correct full kernel version. This patch fixes it, 'make kernelrelease' will show the same version name with the one you finally get. Cc: Davi... 27 Jun 2010 23:46
kmem_cache_destroy() badness with SLUB
Hi folks ! Internally, I'm hitting a little "nit"... sysfs_slab_add() has this check: if (slab_state < SYSFS) /* Defer until later */ return 0; But sysfs_slab_remove() doesn't. So if the slab is created -and- destroyed at, for example, arch_initcall time, then we hit a WARN in the kobject code, t... 6 Jul 2010 00:20
Please pull fix patches sitting in linux-next
Em 27-06-2010 21:37, Stephen Rothwell escreveu: Hi Linus, These patches have been sitting in my fixes tree (and thus in linux-next) for considerable time and the respective maintainers seem either unaware or unwilling to pick them up. They are just fallout from Tejun's removal of slab.h from percpu.... 27 Jun 2010 21:36
[PATCH v3 03/26] MIPS: JZ4740: Add clock API support.
This patch adds support for managing the clocks found on JZ4740 SoC through the Linux clock API. Signed-off-by: Lars-Peter Clausen <lars(a)> --- Changes since v2 - Fix setting of inital parents for spi and i2s clocks - In clk_set_parent(), preserve clock enabled/disabled state. - Set correct get_ra... 27 Jun 2010 21:36
[PATCH] wmi: fix a memory leak in wmi_notify_debug
When acpi_evaluate_object() is passed ACPI_ALLOCATE_BUFFER, the caller must kfree the returned buffer if AE_OK is returned. The callers of wmi_get_event_data() pass ACPI_ALLOCATE_BUFFER, and thus must check its return value before accessing or kfree() on the buffer. This patch adds return value checking for wm... 27 Jun 2010 21:36
[PATCH v3 10/26] MIPS: JZ4740: Add PWM support
This patch adds support for the PWM part of the timer unit on a JZ4740 SoC. Signed-off-by: Lars-Peter Clausen <lars(a)> --- Changes since v2 - Fix handling if the pwm clock is not available --- arch/mips/jz4740/pwm.c | 177 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 files changed, 177 inser... 27 Jun 2010 21:36
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