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[PATCH] acer-wmi: fix memory leaks in wmab_execute error path
When acpi_evaluate_object() is passed ACPI_ALLOCATE_BUFFER, the caller must kfree the returned buffer if AE_OK is returned. Call Trace: wmab_execute -> wmi_evaluate_method -> acpi_evaluate_object Thus if callers of wmab_execute() pass ACPI_ALLOCATE_BUFFER, the return buffer must be kfreed if wmab_execu... 9 Jul 2010 00:44
linux-next: manual merge of the tty tree with the genesis tree
Hi Greg, Today's linux-next merge of the tty tree got a conflict in include/linux/serial_core.h between commit 75b93489b449db4a34f0424c72f51821d985f52f ("serial: add a new port type, found on some sh-mobile SoCs") from the genesis tree and commit 4286e9ca73813ee0ab5b0bd63b7eaefeb4994334 ("serial: max3107: Abstra... 9 Jul 2010 01:49
[RFC][PATCH 10/11] blkiocg async: Async queue per cfq_group
This is the main body for async capability of blkio controller. The basic ideas are - To move async queues from cfq_data to cfq_group, and - To associate cfq_io_context with cfq_group Each cfq_io_context, which was created per an io_context per a device, is now created per an io_context per a cfq_group. Eac... 8 Jul 2010 23:39
[RFC][PATCH 08/11] blkiocg async: Function to search blkcg from css ID
iotrack stores css ID of blkcg in page_cgroup. The blkcg is what the process which dirtied the page belongs to. This patch introduces a function to search blkcg from the recorded ID. Signed-off-by: Munehiro "Muuhh" Ikeda <m-ikeda(a)> --- block/blk-cgroup.c | 13 +++++++++++++ block/blk-cgroup.h ... 8 Jul 2010 23:39
[RFC][PATCH 09/11] blkiocg async: Functions to get cfqg from bio
Functions to get cfq_group from bio. This patch contains only the functionality to get cfq_group from bio. cfq_get_cfqg() is always called with bio==NULL and returns cfq_group of current process at this point. So CFQ actual behavior is not changed yet. Signed-off-by: Munehiro "Muuhh" Ikeda <m-ikeda(a) 8 Jul 2010 23:39
[RFC][PATCH 06/11] blkiocg async: ext4_writepage not to overwrite iotrack info
This patch is for ext4 to utilize iotrack. ext4_writepage() calls block_commit_write() if the page doesn't has buffer. This overwrites original iotrack info who dirtied the page. To prevent this, this patch changes block_commit_write() call into block_commit_write_noiotrack() call in ext4_writepage(). ToDo... 8 Jul 2010 23:39
[RFC][PATCH 11/11] blkiocg async: Workload timeslice adjustment for async queues
Now async queues are not system-wide. Workload timeslice was calculated based on the assumption that async queues are system wide. This patch modifies it. This is the only one modification for queue scheduling algorithm by this patch series. ToDo: To investigate if more tuning is needed for non-system-wide ... 8 Jul 2010 23:39
[RFC][PATCH 04/11] blkiocg async: block_commit_write not to record process info
When a mmap(2)'d page is written back, which means the page doesn't have buffer_head, ext4 prepares buffer_heads and calls block_commit_write() from ext4_writepage(). This results to call mark_buffer_dirty() and the page's dirty flag is set. In this case, current process marking page dirty is (almost) flush kerne... 8 Jul 2010 23:39
[RFC][PATCH 07/11] blkiocg async: Pass bio to elevator_ops functions
blkio controller (blkio cgroup) needs to know the information embedded in struct page_cgroup to control async (cached) write IOs. The information is used to find or allocate proper cfq_queue, which should be done by elevator_set_req_fn and elevator_may_queue_fn methods of struct elevator_ops. This patch adds bi... 8 Jul 2010 23:39
[RFC][PATCH 02/11] blkiocg async: The main part of iotrack
iotrack is a functionality to record who dirtied the page. This is needed for block IO controller cgroup to support async (cached) write. This patch is based on a patch posted from Ryo Tsuruta on Oct 2, 2009 titled as "The body of blkio-cgroup". The patch added a new member on struct page_cgroup to record cgro... 8 Jul 2010 23:39
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