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[PATCH 5/9] vmscan: Do not writeback filesystem pages in direct reclaim
When memory is under enough pressure, a process may enter direct reclaim to free pages in the same manner kswapd does. If a dirty page is encountered during the scan, this page is written to backing storage using mapping->writepage. This can result in very deep call stacks, particularly if the target storage or fil... 28 Jul 2010 07:26
[PATCH 6/9] writeback: Roll up of writeback changes in next-20100722 versus 2.6.35-rc5
From: Mostly Christoph Hellwig <hch(a)> This is a roll-up of patches in linux-next that Wu's patches depend on. They are included here for convenience of testing against mainline. They should be unnecessary for testing against mmotm. No signoff-required. --- fs/btrfs/inode.c | 2 +- f... 28 Jul 2010 07:26
[PATCH 0/9] Reduce writeback from page reclaim context V5
This is a follow-on series from "Avoid overflowing of stack during page reclaim". It eliminates writeback requiring a filesystem from direct reclaim and follows on by reducing the amount of IO required from page reclaim to mitigate any corner cases from the modification. Changelog since V4 o Add patch to prior... 28 Jul 2010 07:26
[PATCH 2/9] vmscan: tracing: Update trace event to track if page reclaim IO is for anon or file pages
It is useful to distinguish between IO for anon and file pages. This patch updates vmscan-tracing-add-trace-event-when-a-page-is-written.patch to include that information. The patches can be merged together. Signed-off-by: Mel Gorman <mel(a)> --- include/trace/events/vmscan.h | 30 ++++++++++++++++++++... 28 Jul 2010 07:26
[PATCH 7/9] writeback: Roll up of writeback: try to write older pages first
From: Wu Fengguang <fengguang.wu(a)> This is a roll-up of the series entitled "[RFC] writeback: try to write older pages first". No signoff required --- fs/fs-writeback.c | 83 ++++++++++++++++++++------------------ include/linux/writeback.h | 4 +- include/trace/events/wri... 28 Jul 2010 07:26
[PATCH 8/9] vmscan: Kick flusher threads to clean pages when reclaim is encountering dirty pages
There are a number of cases where pages get cleaned but two of concern to this patch are; o When dirtying pages, processes may be throttled to clean pages if dirty_ratio is not met. o Pages belonging to inodes dirtied longer than dirty_writeback_centisecs get cleaned. The problem for reclaim is that... 28 Jul 2010 07:26
Driver: PCIe: 'pci_map_sg' returning invalid bus address?
I'm writing a driver for a PCIe card which has to support DMA. I can get this to work by using 'pci_alloc_consistent' to get a coherent mapping for a DMA buffer (when I pass the returned 'dma_addr_t' to my card, it can use it to successfully DMA into the PC). The problem is that I actually want to use a strea... 12 Aug 2010 22:27
[PATCH net-next] drivers/net/bfin_mac.c: Use pr_fmt, netdev_<level>
On Wed, 2010-07-28 at 03:50 -0400, Mike Frysinger wrote: On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 15:22, Joe Perches wrote: $ ./scripts/ -f drivers/net/bfin_mac.c | grep "^total:" total: 2 errors, 25 warnings, 1723 lines checked $ ./scripts/ -f drivers/net/bfin_mac.c | grep "^total:" tot... 28 Jul 2010 07:26
No definition of trace_sched_stat_wait in kernel found!
Greetings, With reference to the function update_stats_wait_end(), there seems to be a call to trace_sched_stat_wait(). But strangely I can find no definition of this function even though the kernel compiles without any errors. There is no reference to this function trace_sched_stat_wait() in the file... 28 Jul 2010 07:26
vmscan: remove wait_on_page_writeback() from pageout()
On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 04:46:54PM +0800, Wu Fengguang wrote: The wait_on_page_writeback() call inside pageout() is virtually dead code. shrink_inactive_list() shrink_page_list(PAGEOUT_IO_ASYNC) pageout(PAGEOUT_IO_ASYNC) shrink_page_list(PAGEOUT_IO_SYNC) ... 1 Aug 2010 05:08
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