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xen: netfront: explicitly generate arp_notify event after migration.
Hi Greg, Looks like I forgot to request this for 2.6.32 too, could you queue it up there as well? It depends on the previous patch in this series (arp_notify: allow drivers to explicitly request a notification event.). Thanks, Ian. On Fri, 2010-08-06 at 19:30 +0100, Greg KH wrote: 2.6.35-stable review... 11 Aug 2010 16:56
BUG: scheduling while atomic: swapper/0/0x10000002
Hello, Hardware: ACER Aspire 5741G kernel: 2.6.35-git9-06241-g2ba110e-dirty [ 0.003982] ACPI: Core revision 20100702 [ 0.010045] BUG: scheduling while atomic: swapper/0/0x10000002 [ 0.010140] no locks held by swapper/0. [ 0.010219] Modules linked in: [ 0.010356] Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not taint... 10 Aug 2010 09:06
Dead Config Option STMMAC_ETH?
Hi all! As part of the VAMOS[0] research project at the University of Erlangen we are looking at multiple integrity errors in linux' configuration system. I've been running a check on the drivers/net/stmmac sourcetree for config Items not defined in Kconfig and found such a case. Sourcec... 10 Aug 2010 09:06
drivers/usb: Remove unnecessary return;s from void functions
On Wed, 4 Aug 2010, Joe Perches wrote: Greg prefers this to go through the trivial tree. There are about 2500 void functions in drivers/usb Only a few used return; at end of function. Standardize them a bit. Moved a statement down a line in drivers/usb... 10 Aug 2010 09:06
docbook: fixup media support files for htmldocs also
Em 09-08-2010 20:30, Randy Dunlap escreveu: From: Randy Dunlap <randy.dunlap(a)> 'make htmldocs' produces errors due to missing a supporting media file, so add 'xmldoclinks' to the htmldocs dependencies so that the needed supporting file will be present. linux-2.6.35-git8/DOC1/Documentati... 10 Aug 2010 09:06
usb/gadget/webcam: fix Kconfig depends again
Hi Randy, Thanks for the patch. On Monday 09 August 2010 19:55:20 Randy Dunlap wrote: From: Randy Dunlap <randy.dunlap(a)> The USB gadget webcam driver uses V4L2 interfaces, so it should depend on VIDEO_V4L2 instead of VIDEO_DEV. This fixes a lot of build errors when V4L2 is not enabled: ... 10 Aug 2010 11:21
[PATCH] arch/microblaze: Removing dead CONTIGUOUS_PAGE_ALLOC config option
CONFIG_CONTIGUOUS_PAGE_ALLOC doesn't exist in Kconfig, therefore removing all references to it from the source. Signed-off-by: Christian Dietrich <qy03fugy(a)> --- arch/microblaze/include/asm/page.h | 3 --- 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-) diff --git a/arch/mi... 10 Aug 2010 09:06
serial: Add CONSOLE_POLL support for uartlite
On 08/09/2010 05:07 AM, Michal Simek wrote: CONSOLE_POLL support for uartlite enables KGDB debugging over serial line. Signed-off-by: Michal Simek <monstr(a)> --- drivers/serial/uartlite.c | 26 +++++++++++++++++++++++++- 1 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-) diff --gi... 10 Aug 2010 08:00
Bluetooth: hidp: Add support for hidraw HIDIOCGFEATURE and HIDIOCSFEATURE
On Thu, 22 Jul 2010, Alan Ott wrote: that the ioctl() API is synchronous is fine to me, however pushing that down to the transport drivers seems wrong to me. I think the HID core should be able to handle a fully asynchronous transport driver. I know that with the USB subsystem you are little bit s... 10 Aug 2010 09:06
Fan runs full speed after S3 sometimes (regression)
Hi, till I was running on 2.6.34-rc5-mm1 (mmotm) and earlier everything was fine. Now, I'm running 2.6.35-rc6-mm1 (.35-rc5-mm1 was the same) and sometimes when the computer (desktop) returns from S3, the CPU fan is running at full speed making a big noise. I don't know how to debug that. Bisection is out of qu... 10 Aug 2010 14:42
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