drm request 2
On Tue, 2 Mar 2010, Linus Torvalds wrote: I disabled it in the merge, since I had to fix up that file anyway. But please don't make me do these so-called "evil merges" where I end up modifying the thing I merge. Never mind. I've unpulled the whole effin' mess since it doesn't even compile: d... 3 Mar 2010 07:20
gpio: introduce it8761e_gpio driver for IT8761E Super I/O chip
On Sun, 28 Feb 2010 10:54:12 +0200 Denis Turischev <denis(a)compulab.co.il> wrote: --- a/drivers/gpio/Kconfig +++ b/drivers/gpio/Kconfig @@ -101,6 +101,12 @@ config GPIO_SCH This driver can also be built as a module. If so, the module will be called sch-gpio. +config GPIO_IT8761E + t... 2 Mar 2010 18:05
[GIT PULL] x86/bootmem: get rid of bootmem on the x86 platform
Hi Linus, This patchset allows the earlyres range allocator to replace bootmem. We have already pushed slab/slub initialization earlier, so the earlyres allocator can take up the remaining bootmem allocations. This reduces the total number of allocators used at different phases of the x86 boot from 4 to 3 (brk, ... 2 Mar 2010 18:05
audit: Protect find_task_by_vpid() with RCU.
On Fri, 26 Feb 2010, Tetsuo Handa wrote: [PATCH] audit: Protect find_task_by_vpid() with RCU. Holding tasklist_lock is no longer sufficient for find_task_by_vpid(). Explicit rcu_read_lock() is required. Signed-off-by: Tetsuo Handa <penguin-kernel(a)I-love.SAKURA.ne.jp> Reviewed-by: James Morris ... 2 Mar 2010 18:05
[PATCH] staging/dt3155: sparse cleanup of allocator code
This fixes up the worst of the sparse issues in the allocator code. 1) include allocator.h for exported function prototypes 2) fix the return type for allocator_free_dma 3) fix the 2nd parameter type for allocator_allocate_dma 4) make all the local variables static 5) change the "remapped" variable in allocator_... 2 Mar 2010 16:57
mmc: at91_mci: use DMA buffer for read
On Fri, 26 Feb 2010 19:39:32 +0100 Nicolas Ferre <nicolas.ferre(a)atmel.com> wrote: + kunmap_atomic(((void *)sgbuffer)-sg->offset, KM_BIO_SRC_IRQ); It's a feature of kunmap_atomic() that it will accept a pointer to any location in the page. So the subtraction isn't strictly needed. And if the subtraction i... 3 Mar 2010 02:59
[PATCH 0/3 RFCv4] add support for Janz MODULbus devices
This patch series adds support for the Janz CMOD-IO carrier board, as well as the Janz VMOD-ICAN3 Intelligent CAN controller and the Janz VMOD-TTL Digital IO controller. The CMOD-IO carrier board is a PCI to MODULbus bridge, into which plug MODULbus daughterboards. I only have access to two types of daughtercards,... 2 Mar 2010 16:56
[PATCH] staging/dt3155: use C99 syntax for struct initializer
Use C99 syntax for the struct file_operations initialization. Signed-off-by: H Hartley Sweeten <hsweeten(a)visionengravers.com> Cc: Greg Kroah-Hartman <greg(a)kroah.com> Cc: Scott Smedley <ss(a)aao.gov.au> --- diff --git a/drivers/staging/dt3155/dt3155_drv.c b/drivers/staging/dt3155/dt3155_drv.c index a67c622..01... 2 Mar 2010 16:56
[RFC v2 02/10] Revert "lsm: Remove the socket_post_accept() hook"
This reverts commit 8651d5c0b1f874c5b8307ae2b858bc40f9f02482. snet needs to reintroduce this hook, as it was designed to be: a hook for updating security informations on objects. Signed-off-by: Samir Bellabes <sam(a)synack.fr> Acked-by: Serge Hallyn <serue(a)us.ibm.com> --- include/linux/security.h | 13 ++++++... 2 Mar 2010 15:48
[RFC v2 01/10] lsm: add security_socket_closed()
Allow a security module to update security informations when a socket is closed. Signed-off-by: Samir Bellabes <sam(a)synack.fr> --- include/linux/security.h | 10 ++++++++++ net/socket.c | 1 + security/capability.c | 5 +++++ security/security.c | 5 +++++ 4 files changed, 21 in... 2 Mar 2010 15:48