GFS2: Pre-pull patch posting
Here are three small (but important!) fixes to GFS2. Steve. -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of a message to majordomo(a) More majordomo info at Please read the FAQ at ... 11 Mar 2010 13:25
[PATCH] Document Linux's circular buffering capabilities
Document the circular buffering capabilities available in Linux. Signed-off-by: David Howells <dhowells(a)> Signed-off-by: Paul E. McKenney <paulmck(a)> --- Documentation/circular-buffers.txt | 231 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Documentation/memory-barriers.txt | 20 +++ i... 11 Mar 2010 13:25
WebCT Service Helpdesk
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[PATCH -next] mtd/nand/r852: fix build for CONFIG_PCI disabled
> Sorry, it's there, but there are still build errors. I will look at those... From: Randy Dunlap <randy.dunlap(a)> r852 fails to build when CONFIG_PCI is not enabled since it uses pci_*() calls and is a PCI driver, so it should depend on PCI to prevent build errors. It should also #includ... 11 Mar 2010 13:25
Please pull UDF updates for 2.6.34-rc1
On Tue 09-03-10 09:13:13, Randy Dunlap wrote: On Tue, 9 Mar 2010 17:28:04 +0100 Jan Kara wrote: It's out there now. I still have a few trees I already got pull requests for, and that I want to look over a bit more (ceph, gdb tree etc), and it's possible that I've just overlooked some other pul... 11 Mar 2010 12:17
ata2: lost interrupt with kernel 2.6.34-rc1
Hello, I'm not subscribed to this list, sorry if it's the wrong place to send this. I've been having problems with 2.6.34-rc1, when the system tries to access a lot of files (eg, if I recompile the kernel) it freezes for about 10 seconds or so and then I get a message like this in the sys.log: ata2: lost interru... 11 Mar 2010 20:13
memcg: disable irq at page cgroup lock (Re: [PATCH -mmotm 3/4] memcg: dirty pages accounting and limiting infrastructure)
On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 01:49:08PM +0900, KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki wrote: On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:31:23 +0900 Daisuke Nishimura <nishimura(a)> wrote: On Wed, 10 Mar 2010 09:26:24 +0530, Balbir Singh <balbir(a)> wrote: * nishimura(a) <nishimura(a) 11 Mar 2010 12:17
[PATCH] c2port: fix device_create() return value check
From: Jani Nikula <ext-jani.1.nikula(a)> Use IS_ERR() instead of comparing to NULL. Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <ext-jani.1.nikula(a)> --- NOTE: I'm afraid I'm unable to test this; please consider this more a bug report than a complete patch. --- drivers/misc/c2port/core.c | 2 +- 1 fil... 11 Mar 2010 12:17
[PATCH] trivial: driver-core: document ERR_PTR() return values
From: Jani Nikula <ext-jani.1.nikula(a)> A number of functions in the driver core return ERR_PTR() values on error. Document this in the kernel-doc of the functions. Signed-off-by: Jani Nikula <ext-jani.1.nikula(a)> --- drivers/base/class.c | 2 ++ drivers/base/core.c | 6 ++++++ ... 11 Mar 2010 12:17
[Patch] x86,pat Update the page flags for memtype atomically instead of using memtype_lock.
While testing an application using the xpmem (out of kernel) driver, we noticed a significant page fault rate reduction of x86_64 with respect to ia64. For one test running with 32 cpus, one thread per cpu, it took 01:08 for each of the threads to vm_insert_pfn 2GB worth of pages. For the same test running on 25... 11 Mar 2010 12:17