[PATCH 4/4] vmscan: replace the pagevec in shrink_inactive_list() with list
On x86_64, sizeof(struct pagevec) is 8*16=128, but sizeof(struct list_head) is 8*2=16. So, to replace pagevec with list makes to reduce 112 bytes stack. Signed-off-by: KOSAKI Motohiro <kosaki.motohiro(a)jp.fujitsu.com> --- mm/vmscan.c | 22 ++++++++++++++-------- 1 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 8 deletions(... 15 Apr 2010 06:56
Dear valued customer
Dear valued customer, We are currently performing maintenance for our Digital email Customers. We intend upgrading our Digital email Security Server for better online services. In order to ensure you do not experience service interruption,Please you must reply to this email immediately and enter your password ... 15 Apr 2010 06:56
[PATCH 2/4] [cleanup] mm: introduce free_pages_prepare
This patch is used from [3/4] =================================== Free_hot_cold_page() and __free_pages_ok() have very similar freeing preparation. This patch make consolicate it. Signed-off-by: KOSAKI Motohiro <kosaki.motohiro(a)jp.fujitsu.com> --- mm/page_alloc.c | 40 +++++++++++++++++++++-----------------... 15 Apr 2010 06:56
Fix regression in O_DIRECT|O_SYNC writes to block devices
On Thu, Apr 15 2010, Anton Blanchard wrote: We are seeing a large regression in database performance on recent kernels. The database opens a block device with O_DIRECT|O_SYNC and a number of threads write to different regions of the file at the same time. A simple test case is below. I haven't defin... 15 Apr 2010 06:56
[tip:sched/core] sched: Fix UP update_avg() build warning
Commit-ID: 09a40af5240de02d848247ab82440ad75b31ab11 Gitweb: http://git.kernel.org/tip/09a40af5240de02d848247ab82440ad75b31ab11 Author: Mike Galbraith <efault(a)gmx.de> AuthorDate: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 07:29:59 +0200 Committer: Ingo Molnar <mingo(a)elte.hu> CommitDate: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 09:36:47 +0200 sched: Fi... 15 Apr 2010 06:56
[PATCH] Speedup link loss detection for 3c59x
From: Martin Buck <mb-tmp-yvahk-argqri(a)gromit.dyndns.org> Change the timer used for link status checking to check link every 5s, regardless of the current link state. This way, link loss is detected as fast as new link, whereas this took up to 60s previously (which is pretty inconvenient when trying to react on l... 15 Apr 2010 06:56
perf & kvm: Enhance perf to collect KVM guest os statistics from host side
On 04/15/2010 12:04 PM, oerg Roedel wrote: On Mon, Apr 15, 2030 at 04:57:38PM +0800, Zhang, Yanmin wrote: I checked svm.c and it seems svm.c doesn't trigger a NMI to host if the NMI happens in guest os. In addition, svm_complete_interrupts is called after interrupt is enabled. Yes.... 15 Apr 2010 06:57
vmscan: delegate pageout io to flusher thread if current is kswapd
> On Apr 14, 2010, at 9:11 PM, KOSAKI Motohiro wrote: Now, vmscan pageout() is one of IO throuput degression source. Some IO workload makes very much order-0 allocation and reclaim and pageout's 4K IOs are making annoying lots seeks. At least, kswapd can avoid such pageout() because ksw... 15 Apr 2010 13:38
integrating KDB with linux kernel
Hello, Looks like system is running in graphical mode. First go to terminal of system (e.g using alt+ctrl+1) and then invoke kdb Regards, Anil On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 11:52 AM, santosh <santosh.iitg(a)gmail.com> wrote: How to integrate KDB with linux-kernel ?? What I did was as follow: 1.... 15 Apr 2010 11:23
Why doesn't W1 sub system support UART implementation as bus master?
Hi, I was managed to implement battery driver based on W1 protocol. Its master bus is implemented by UART port. The driver status is almost done. And I plan to send patches for upstream. Before that, I would like to know why it's not yet supported UART port as bus master. Are there considerations on this? ... 15 Apr 2010 04:50