[PATCH 00/14] m68k: amiga - device model patches
This set of patches brings Amiga hardware support better in line with the Linux device model: - Add module alias support for Zorro drivers (not all drivers can benefit from this yet though, as some still use zorro_find_device() instead of struct zorro_driver), - Convert the various builtin Amiga hardware... 23 Apr 2010 21:11
[PATCH 05/14] m68k: amiga - Sound platform device conversion
Signed-off-by: Geert Uytterhoeven <geert(a)linux-m68k.org> --- arch/m68k/amiga/platform.c | 5 +++ sound/oss/dmasound/dmasound_paula.c | 51 +++++++++++++++++++++------------- 2 files changed, 36 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-) diff --git a/arch/m68k/amiga/platform.c b/arch/m68k/amiga/platform.c ind... 23 Apr 2010 21:11
[git pull] drm radeon fixes
Some minor fixes to the radeon KMS driver three evergreen related one for earlier cards. The following changes since commit b78315f051de8d207bead90470aa216c0617572b: Jesse Barnes (1): drm: delay vblank cleanup until after driver unload are available in the git repository at: ssh://master.kern... 23 Apr 2010 21:10
[RFC][PATCH v2 4/4] perf: sparc, implement group scheduling transactional APIs
perf: sparc, implement group scheduling transactional APIs Cross build test only. It's very appreciated if anybody has sparc can help to test. Signed-off-by: Lin Ming <ming.m.lin(a)intel.com> --- arch/sparc/kernel/perf_event.c | 116 ++++++++++++++++++++++----------------- 1 files changed, 65 insertions(+), 5... 23 Apr 2010 21:10
[RFC][PATCH v2 0/4] perf: remove __weak function hw_perf_group_sched_in()
Hi, all From the discussion of thread "[RFC] perf_events: support for uncore a.k.a. nest units", in order to support multiple hw pmu, Peter suggested the first thing that needs to be done is get rid of all the __weak functions (with exception of perf_callchain*, since that really is arch specific), includes ... 23 Apr 2010 21:10
[RFC][PATCH v2 1/4] perf: core, add group scheduling transactional APIs
Add group scheduling transactional APIs to struct pmu. These APIs will be implemented in arch code, based on Peter's idea as below. the idea behind hw_perf_group_sched_in() is to not perform schedulability tests on each event in the group, but to add the group as a whole and then perform one test. O... 23 Apr 2010 21:10
[PATCH 0/6] hw-breakpoints updates
Hi, Paul, there are some sh changes in this set. I couldn't test them by myself, do you think you could give it a try? You can pull the set from this branch: git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/frederic/random-tracing.git perf/hw-breakpoints This new shot brings the following features: - You... 23 Apr 2010 21:10
[PATCH 1/6] hw-breakpoints: Tag ptrace breakpoint as exclude_kernel
Tag ptrace breakpoints with the exclude_kernel attribute set. This will make it easier to set generic policies on breakpoints, when it comes to ensure nobody unpriviliged try to breakpoint on the kernel. Signed-off-by: Frederic Weisbecker <fweisbec(a)gmail.com> Cc: Will Deacon <will.deacon(a)arm.com> Cc: Mahesh Salg... 23 Apr 2010 21:10
[PATCH 2/6] hw-breakpoints: Check disabled breakpoints again
We stopped checking disabled breakpoints because we weren't allowing breakpoints on NULL addresses. And gdb tends to set NULL addresses on inactive breakpoints. But refusing NULL addresses was actually a regression that has been fixed now. There is no reason anymore to not validate inactive breakpoint settings. ... 23 Apr 2010 21:10
[PATCHv8 2.6.34-rc5 5/5] mx5: Add USB to Freescale MX51 defconfig
From: Dinh Nguyen <Dinh.Nguyen(a)freescale.com> Update mx51_defconfig to include USB EHCI by default. This patch applies to 2.6.34-rc4. Signed-off-by: Dinh Nguyen <Dinh.Nguyen(a)freescale.com> --- arch/arm/configs/mx51_defconfig | 17 ++++++++++++++++- 1 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-) dif... 23 Apr 2010 21:10