[tip:x86/urgent] x86: Fix parse_reservetop() build failure on certain configs
Commit-ID: 56f0e74c9cf98941af700b61466648a2d06277bb Gitweb: http://git.kernel.org/tip/56f0e74c9cf98941af700b61466648a2d06277bb Author: Ingo Molnar <mingo(a)elte.hu> AuthorDate: Mon, 3 May 2010 09:19:43 +0200 Committer: Ingo Molnar <mingo(a)elte.hu> CommitDate: Mon, 3 May 2010 09:22:19 +0200 x86: Fix parse... 3 May 2010 04:26
[PATCH] l4f00242t03: fix error handling in l4f00242t03_probe
This patch includes below fixes for properly error handling: 1. In the case of kzalloc failure, simple return -ENOMEM instead of goto err. ( priv is NULL in this case ) 2. In the case of gpio_request fail for reset_gpio and data_enable_gpio, properly release resources by goto err and err2 respectively. Sign... 3 May 2010 03:22
sdhci-pltfm: Do not print errors in case of an extended iomem size
On 04/23/2010 08:25 PM, Anton Vorontsov wrote: On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 07:02:52AM +0100, Richard Röjfors wrote: On 3/16/10 7:34 PM, Anton Vorontsov wrote: Some hosts have an extended SDHCI iomem size, so the driver should only print errors if the iomem size is less than 0x100. With this change ... 3 May 2010 02:17
[PATCH 0/1] drivers: misc: pass pointer to misc device itself
I have not found a reasonable way to find an address of the misc-device structure in the driver file operations. inode->i_cdev is not pointing to the correct place due to way how misc driver class is implemented - or I have totally missed something. In misc open, information is available but it is not passed to the... 3 May 2010 02:17
[PATCH 1/1] drivers: misc: pass miscdevice pointer via file private data
For misc devices, inode->i_cdev doesn't point to the device drivers own data. Link between file operations and device driver internal data is lost. Pass pointer to misc device struct via file private data for driver open function use. Signed-off-by: Samu Onkalo <samu.p.onkalo(a)nokia.com> --- drivers/char/misc.c... 3 May 2010 02:17
linux-next: build failure after merge of the net tree
Hi Dave, After merging the net tree, today's linux-next build (x86_64 allmodconfig) failed like this: net/sctp/socket.c: In function 'sctp_data_ready': net/sctp/socket.c:6191: error: implicit declaration of function 'sk_has_sleeper' net/sctp/socket.c:6192: error: 'struct sock' has no member named 'sk_sleep' ... 3 May 2010 01:13
[PATCH 0/7] DMAENGINE: fixes and PrimeCells
This patch set intended for Dan Williams tree includes: - A fixed up COH 901 318 PrimeCell extension (unless applied to your tree already) - Two DMA40 bug fixes. - The latest iteration of the PrimeCell DMA extensions, altered and tested to work as Russell wants them. The PL011 driver was tested: - on V... 2 May 2010 21:57
[PATCH 3/7] DMAENGINE: DMA40 fix for allocation of logical channel 0
From: Marcin Mielczarczyk <marcin.mielczarczyk(a)tieto.com> Fix for allocation failure of logical channel when event line happens to be number 0. Signed-off-by: Marcin Mielczarczyk <marcin.mielczarczyk(a)tieto.com> Signed-off-by: Linus Walleij <linus.walleij(a)stericsson.com> --- drivers/dma/ste_dma40.c | 15 +++... 2 May 2010 21:57
[PATCH 5/5] perf inject: Refactor read_buildid function
From: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme(a)redhat.com> Into two functions, one that actually reads the build_id for the dso if it wasn't already read, and another taht will inject the event if the build_id is available. Cc: Frédéric Weisbecker <fweisbec(a)gmail.com> Cc: Mike Galbraith <efault(a)gmx.de> Cc: Paul Mackerr... 2 May 2010 19:47
[PATCH 0/5] perf inject + say no to __KERNEL__ only stuff
From: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme(a)redhat.com> Hi Ingo, Please consider pulling from: git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/acme/linux-2.6 perf - Arnaldo Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (3): perf tools: Don't use code surrounded by __KERNEL__ perf record: Don't exit in live mode when no tracep... 2 May 2010 19:47