[PATCH 2.6.33 3/3] net: Makefile change for Micrel KSZ884X driver
From: Tristram Ha <Tristram.Ha(a)micrel.com> Add Micrel KSZ884X network driver for KSZ8841/KSZ8842 PCI Ethernet chips. Signed-off-by: Tristram Ha <Tristram.Ha(a)micrel.com> --- diff -uprN linux-2.6.33-rc3.old/drivers/net/Makefile linux-2.6.33-rc3.new/drivers/net/Makefile --- linux-2.6.33-rc3.old/drivers/net/Makefi... 15 Jan 2010 22:44
[PATH 2.6.33 2/3] net: Kconfig change for Micrel KSZ884X driver
From: Tristram Ha <Tristram.Ha(a)micrel.com> Add Micrel KSZ8841/KSZ8842 PCI Ethernet chip support. Some users like to use KSZ8842 switch to run Spanning Tree Protocol. As a result a hardware STP support was implemented so that the host does not waste CPU time forwarding each and every packet. Signed-off-by: Tri... 15 Jan 2010 22:44
[PATCH] scripts/get_maintainer.pl: Change --sections to print in the same style as MAINTAINERS
On Sat, 2010-01-16 at 01:57 +0100, Stefan Richter wrote: The MAINTAINERS file uses tab or space after "^[A-Z]:" Perhaps that format should be kept. Right, the original format is actually better (if you want to tweak your output at all). Signed-off-by: Joe Perches <joe(a)perches.com> --- diff --git a/... 15 Jan 2010 21:38
section mismatch: pcibios_scan_specific_bus()
On Wed, 13 Jan 2010 22:41:52 +0100 René Bolldorf <xsecute(a)googlemail.com> wrote: Hi all, pcibios_scan_specific_bus() is only invoked from __devinit pcibios_fixup_peer_bridges(void). Mark it as __devinit. Sry for the first mail, I hadn't sleep enough... diff --git a/arch/x86/pci/legacy.c b/a... 15 Jan 2010 19:26
-O0 kernel Re: High cpu temperature with 2.6.32, bisection shows commit 69d258 (fwd)
BTW, how can I remove that irritating -O2 flag? I 'm used to compiling with -O0 my debug builds in userland, because compilation is *many times* faster. I should be really useful for bisections. Actually, figuring out kernel flags for fastest kernel compilation would be nice. Nice for bisect, and nice ... 15 Jan 2010 16:04
introduce sys_membarrier(): process-wide memory barrier (v6)
On Fri, 2010-01-15 at 13:29 -0500, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote: +SYSCALL_DEFINE1(membarrier, unsigned int, flags) +{ +#ifdef CONFIG_SMP + cpumask_var_t tmpmask; + struct mm_struct *mm; + int cpu; + + /* + * Expect _only_ one of expedited or delayed flags. + * Don't care about optional mask... 15 Jan 2010 22:43
irq: irq and pci_ids patch for Intel Cougar Point DeviceIDs
On Tue, 12 Jan 2010 16:56:37 -0800 Seth Heasley <seth.heasley(a)intel.com> wrote: This patch adds the Intel Cougar Point (PCH) LPC and SMBus Controller DeviceIDs. Signed-off-by: Seth Heasley <seth.heasley(a)intel.com> --- linux- 2010-01-06 15:07:45.000000000 -0800 +... 15 Jan 2010 13:49
Userspace RCU API (minor changes)
Hi, I'd like to proceed to a minor API change in the next userspace RCU release: moving from SIGURCU to SIGRCU for the signal name. This is part of an effort to standardize the library prefix to "rcu_". I plan to add support for backward compatibility, so when we see that SIGURCU is defined, then we use that va... 15 Jan 2010 12:43
obsolete in kernel source (B43_LEGACY_RFKILL)
On 01/13/2010 07:59 AM, Christoph Egger wrote: Please keep me informed of this patch getting confirmed / merged so we can keep track of it. The patch is in wireless-testing as commit 2f1f00fc9b477481ad5c63976385c345851fee3d. It will be in mainline kernel 2.6.34. Larry -- To unsubscribe from this lis... 15 Jan 2010 12:43
hang on 2.6.33-rc4
Dear all, kernel 2.6.33-rc4 I am having repeatable complete hard lockups on my laptop with 2.6.33-rc4. works fine. I believe that it is related to the network, because sometimes I can actually log in (gnomes session) and as soon as I do some network related suddenly hard hang, not even Sysrq workin... 2 Feb 2010 15:57