[GIT] Networking
1) Fix SCTP race between connect() and ICMP unreachable, from Vlad Yasevich. 2) Micrel phy driver OOPS fix, based upon a report by Ingo Molnar. 3) Firmware loading warn_on fix from Christian Lamparter. 4) UDP logs garbage addresses on short packets. Fix from Bj�rn Mork. 5) IPV6_RECVERR incorrectly handle... 11 May 2010 03:32
BKL ioctl pushdown
On Wed, May 05, 2010 at 03:15:33PM +0200, John Kacur wrote: These patches convert ioctls to unlocked_ioctls by pushing down the bkl into them. I had to go outside of the files that we agreed on, because logically the ioctls in each kind of file system belong together. Frederic and Arnd, you can pull fro... 11 May 2010 03:32
block: allow initialization of previously allocated request_queue
On Mon, May 10 2010, Mike Snitzer wrote: blk_init_queue() allocates the request_queue structure and then initializes it as needed (request_fn, elevator, etc). Split initialization out to blk_init_allocated_queue_node. Introduce blk_init_allocated_queue wrapper function to model existing blk_init_queu... 11 May 2010 10:03
[git pull] drm regression fix
Just one patch from Jean to fix some regressions in the buffer code rework. Thanks to Jean for tracking this down. The following changes since commit 8cfe92d683a0041ac8e016a0b0a487c99a78f6c1: Thomas Hellstrom (1): drm/ttm: Remove the ttm_bo_block_reservation() function. are available in the git re... 11 May 2010 03:32
MFD: AB3550 core driver v2
2010/5/11 Samuel Ortiz <sameo(a)linux.intel.com>: Hi Linus, I applied this patch with some additions: - It now depends on GENERIC_HARDIRQS - It no longer is tristate but bool, as the genirq API is not exported to modules. - I added an ifdef ARM around your set_irq_flags() call to have this driver b... 11 May 2010 02:27
Question about more headroom in skb
Le lundi 10 mai 2010 à 13:09 -0700, Sharat Masetty a écrit : Hello All, Please dont use too long lines For my project I need 3 words of headroom in the skb in the network driver level, to add a custom header to the ethernet packet. I looked into the tcp code and figured out tcp uses sk->sk_p... 11 May 2010 02:27
[PROPOSAL] NMI & register handling infrastructure
Hi, This is my first post to the group, please excuse me, If I unknowingly miss to follow writing ethics. Proposal/Need: I was working on providing accurate process usage support, and writing a kernel module, I configured cpu-core-unhalted-event and configured LVT (local vector table) with NMI (non-maskab... 11 May 2010 01:22
What locks are needed to safely use vma->vm_file ?
Hi, It appears that doing down_read(&mm->mmap_sem) is enough to safely use vma->vm_file, is it correct ? Also in the lock subject, to get to all vm_files in the system, is the following correct or something is missing ? read_lock(&tasklist_lock); for_each_process(p) { mm = get_task_mm(p); down_read... 11 May 2010 01:22
[PATCH -tip] perf probe: Check older elfutils and set NO_DWARF
Check whether elfutils is older than 0.138 (from which version checking routine has been introduced). And if so, set NO_DWARF because it is hard to check the API dependency without version checking. Signed-off-by: Masami Hiramatsu <mhiramat(a)redhat.com> Reported-by: Robert Richter <robert.richter(a)amd.com> Cc: Arn... 11 May 2010 01:22
tracing: Combine event filter_active and enable into single flags field
* Steven Rostedt (rostedt(a)goodmis.org) wrote: From: Steven Rostedt <srostedt(a)redhat.com> The filter_active and enable both use an int (4 bytes each) to set a single flag. We can save 4 bytes per event by combining the two into a single integer. text data bss dec hex filename ... 11 May 2010 11:10