From: David Sigetich David on
Thanks, Tom. This worked great.

And the reason this isn't in MS Access Help is what, exactly? Why does this
have to be so difficult? Surely using a combo box as a means of finding a
record isn't some weird obscure desire.

Oh, well -- you fixed it. Kudos, man!

"Tom Wickerath" wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> The form that you are having trouble with is based on a SQL statement,
> instead of a saved query. Open the form in design view. Click on View >
> Properties, if required, to display the properties dialog. Click on the small
> black square in the upper left corner to select the form. You should see the
> word "Form" in the blue title bar of the properties dialog. Click on the Data
> tab. The first entry is for Recordsource. I'm fairly certain that your
> recordsource starts with a SELECT statement, instead of being a saved table
> or query. Click on the build button to open the query builder. Save the
> result as a new query, by clicking of File > Save. Then close the query
> builder. You should now have the third option available.
> Combo box to find a record
> Tom Wickerath, Microsoft Access MVP
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> "Kevin" wrote:
> > I want to add a combo box to a prieviously built form, to allow the user to
> > choose a customer record, rather than having to scroll down through the
> > records to find it. When I go to add the combo box, though, the radio button
> > for "Find a record on my form based..." does not appear. When I create a
> > combo box on a new form, in the same DB, based on the same query, it is
> > available. Any ideas about why this could be, and how to make this option
> > available in this form?
> >
> > thanks