From: Mike P on
I am using Access 2003.
Try to link to a Unicode csv file supplied by a website host.
The result is a linked table with one field named '￾∀吀椀琀氀攀∀Ⰰ∀䘀椀爀猀琀一愀洀攀
∀Ⰰ∀䴀椀搀搀氀攀一愀洀攀∀Ⰰ∀匀攀挀漀渀搀一愀洀攀∀Ⰰ∀䄀搀搀爀㄀∀Ⰰ∀䄀搀搀爀㈀∀'. No data but the record
count is correct!
I have tried using the 'Advanced' button in the Link Wizard; Language
'English' and Code Page 'Unicode (Big-Endian)'.
The Wizard does not seem to recognise the 18 fields in comma delimited
The import function produces the same result, except that the field
name is Field1. The error table shows, 'Unparsable Record'.
Tried to open the file in Excel. Error message received, "This file is
not in a recognizable format." Clicked OK to reveal a worksheet with
every record forced into column A. The header record, containing the
field names, has þÿ as the first two bytes.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Mike P.