From: Lotto on
I have an Access 07 DB that has an output table link into a
spreadsheet. The problem with this and several other applications is
that I want to be able to highlight the cell where I want the data
added, like an append. Is there a way in the properties to make the
location variable instead of a fixed cell location?

This sheet would have other columns off to the right of the refreshed
data that I want to be able to update, it would be great to have it
feed back to the table in the DB, so they would become exact
duplicates of each other. But, I want to put protection and tracking
in the spreadsheet, as I am creating it to track an approval process.
So, data refresh, send file, approvals and dates given, return sheet,
repeat process. (This is done daily with printed emails at this

I am open to any other thoughts or ideas, but can't be to complex due
to user knowledge.