From: Cheryl C Cheryl on
First off, let me explain that although I've found similar questions posted
here, I couldn't figure out how to adapt them to fit my my needs. I am
currently using 2010 beta which may or may not make this trickier; and the
users will be using older versions - at least for now.

I have been given a workbook that was made up of worksheets from a few
different workbooks. Two of the pages there include a diagram with points
along it identified by numbered option buttons. When an option button is
selected, the corresponding number is returned in the cell that option button
is linked to. What we WANT is for the values of the option buttons to match
across the worksheets, AND for the corresponding number to be returned in the
linked cells on both pages.

i.e. When button 01 (of 48) on the worksheet named "Part 1 - Inspection
Data", is selected, cell E1 returns 01; accordingly, the value of button 01
on worksheet "Part 4 - Feasibilty" should also become TRUE with cell G16
returning 01.

What DOES happen is that when I select any button on either page, all
buttons on the other page become FALSE.

I have tried entering the worksheet name and cell range of the button on the
inspection sheet into the "linked cell field" of the properties of option
button 01 on the Feasibility sheet. I have also tried editing the code; but
that hasn't gotten me anywhere, either.... (I haven't really used visual
basic in quite some time and am afraid that I've forgotten more than I
haven't!) I'm under a deadline; so would greatly appreciate any help!!!

Thanks in advance!!!