From: Paul Clement on
On Thu, 8 Jul 2010 15:40:19 -0400, "Kevin Provance" <k(a)p.c> wrote:

� : Not if he's posting through the same news server I am (which appears
� likely from his header).

� Not everyone is tied to the MSFT news server. Open your mind a little.

You first. ;-)

� : Besides I wouldn't send someone to a mirrored newsgroup unless I knew for
� a fact that it wasn't a
� : dead zone.

� .Nxt is one great big dead zone to begin with. You're not really seeing the
� big picture. Get your head out of the MSFT cloud. <g>

As if wishful thinking has ever been a prediction of the future. Meanwhile, your dead zone is
impending. ;-)

Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)
From: Karl E. Peterson on
Paul Clement expressed precisely :
> � You're just being purposely dense. Admit it.
> LOL! No, my priority was directing the OP to a venue that is well supported
> and not to one that Microsoft has dropped.

Yep, the puppet strings were duly noted.

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