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Hello sachin.srivastava,

Make sure to use only domain DNS servers on the NICs of all machines, if
no DC/DNS can be located this can be one reason, also you have to use an
account that is able to create a new user in AD.

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> Hi all,
> I am not sure if thats the right place to ask this question. But will
> be very happy for any directions.
> I have a domain controller on Windows 2008 as
> I made my WinXP 64 bit to join that domain, which is completed
> successful.
> Now i have an application which want to create a user on the
> domain-controller. something like
> newuser.exe <domain name> <user> <password>
> which internally uses DsGetDcName function as:
> status = DsGetDcName(NULL,
> domainname,
> &domainControllerInfo);
> When this gets executed, I always get:
> I run this as :
> newuser.exe dc test testingPWD123
> or
> newuser.exe test testingPWD123
> Note: When i ran the same executable on the DC itself it run fine..
> Please help..
> Thanks.