From: RobinRoot on
The Advanced Features Team is pleased to announce the release of the
first version of their Add-In for MS Excel 2003.

Part of this realease are the following functionalities:
* Easy and powerful connection between MS Excel and MS Access
* K-Means clustering algorithm
* Additional User Defined Formulas
* Deeper Query and Pivot Tables Manipulation Tools, including easy
redirecting MS Olap cubes and Database Queries
* Fast and Easy Worksheet Formatting and Management, including
functions for Hiding and Grouping, changing worksheet visibility, get
available worksheet reports
* Fast Printing Setup for all worksheet in a workbook or just for
selected worksheets
* Fast Workbook Splitting, for saving each worksheet in a new file
* Extensive Send Workbook by Email to get in control with less
known Outlook functionalities
* Power Point Interaction
* ODBC and SQL Integration
* Several General Utilities for daily job general tasks
* Personalized Bookmarks

The latest version of the add-in can be downloaded from the official

The Advanced Features Team is looking forward to receive feedbacks
from other Excel users in order to improve and develop always new and
more advanced features to make daily work easier and quicker.

Thank you very much,
Advanced Features Team