From: chris on
Dear all,

I developed a program in MsAccess 2003/2007 (SP2). It calls a VB6 DLL. Both
office versions call the DLL, Office 2003 does not have any problem. Same DLL
is called in Excel macros (add-in) and works ok, so there seems to be no
problem with VB6 DLL.

On some computers with MS Access 2007, program runs ok.

On some others, when program in MSAccess 2007 opens, first MSAccess form
calls a form from VB6 DLL. The VB form opens for checkings and calls a second
VB form if checks were ok. When second VB form opens, it seems FORM_LOAD
event is executed, I can see the form but then MSAccess closes unexpectetly.
No error, nothing.

Since no error appears, it's not easy to proceed. Can you please help me ?