From: Dan Wood on

I had alot of help yesterday from Jacob with the following macro, but am
getting a 'run time error 13' when trying to run the macro, and i cannot see

Any help much appreciated

Sub OLApp()

Dim objOL As Object, objApp As Object, lngRow As Long

Set objOL = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

For lngRow = 9 To Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
If Range("E" & lngRow) = "" Then
Set objApp = objOL.CreateItem(1)
With objApp
..Subject = "Change Password for system" & Range("A" & lngRow)
..Start = Range("B" & lngRow)
..ReminderPlaySound = True
End With
Range("E" & lngRow) = "Done"
End If
Set objOL = Nothing
End Sub

From: Dan Wood on
Please ignore, i have worked it out.

From: Jacob Skaria on
Check your other post.

I dont see any reason why that should give an error.
Jacob (MVP - Excel)

"Dan Wood" wrote:

> Please ignore, i have worked it out.
> Thanks
From: Dan Wood on
I do have another question though.

Is there a way to automatically clear the colum 'E' if something in colom
'C' is changed?
From: Dan Wood on
Sorry i was being stupid again like yesterday! I simply had to change the
line .Start = Range("B" & lngRow) to the correct column!