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> Greetings again.
> I wish to thank you both for your assistance in the procedure I needed to
> follow to maximize memory speed and amount.
> The test on-line did not come up with a match on
> I had to try a few configuratons of the number of memory sticks and their
> slot locations before I came out without error.
> Slot 1: 512MB
> Slot 2: 256MB
> Slot 3: 128MB
> came up with hardware error even though none of the sticks individually
> tested bad.
> Switching slots around;
> Slot 1: 256MB
> Slot 2: 128MB
> Slot 3: 512MB
> worked ok up to 592MB active usage before system crash.
> Slot 1: 256MB
> Slot 2: empty
> Slot 3: 512MB
> tested good as a pair with memtest+86. In all tests done with memtest+86,
> I've allowed 2 complete passes. I did find one of my two 512MB sticks on
> hand with about 5 errors in test #7.
> So far, the system hasn't reached a crashing point, so I'm hoping that this
> will remaim stable. Seems that it will work with only two sticks with these
> types.
> Again, Paul, you've done a great service to me here and on my other
> performance issue last week. I now know the number of external equipment
> connected to the computer causes "memory slowness". I don't think I wish to
> put any more money into this system by buying 80 wire cable, but I did gain
> 100mhz to 133mhz fsb and added 256MB more RAM successfully.
> Best wishes,
> Kevin

I'm surprised it wouldn't let you use all three slots, but any improvement
on the amount of memory front, is better than nothing.

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