From: Beliavsky on
This project looks similar to matlab2fmex. Has anyone tried it? The
site says "source code will be made available on demand."

The MATLAB-to-Fortran 95 compiler, McFor, is designed to translate
MATLAB programs that are focussed on scientific computations to
efficient and reusable Fortran code. The primary objective of this
project is to apply static type inference and transformation
techniques to produce efficient Fortran code and gain performance
improvement over the current runtime execution environment. The second
objective is to explore the possibility of using the Fortran language
to simulate as many MATLAB language features as possible.

The McFor starts as a backend of the McLab system, and is developed by
Jun Li as part of his M.Sc. thesis. The McFor compiler uses McLab's
front end, including the MATLAB-to-Natlab translator, the Natlab Lexer
and Parser. The initial results show that the generated Fortran
programs perform better than corresponding MATLAB executions, with
speedups on supported benchmarks ranging from 1.16 to 102, depending
on the characteristics of the program.

Anton Dubrau joins the project since the beginning. He has created
number of benchmarks and participated in the design of the compiler.
His current research is focussed on extending the compiler to support
more MATLAB language features and further improve the performance.

•M.Sc. Thesis - McFor: a MATLAB-to-Fortran 95 Compiler

McLab will be open sourced under the BSD license. A release is not
currently provided, but source code will be made available on demand.