From: djmixon on
Alex396, I am having the same problem. I have tried to understand what the
techies have given as answers to no avail.

Have you fixed this problem with your update and, if so, how.

To the others out there who know the answer, please remember that not all of
us are programmers or computer techs. So, if you have an answer, please
provide it clearly and concisely. An explanation of what each step does and
how to revert back to my normal operating status once the problem is solved
would be appreciated.

Thank you,
I am not a programmer, so please answer my questions clearly and concisely.
Thank you.

"Alex396" wrote:

> I have tried to install this update at least ten times now it will never
> install.
> I even used system restore to warp back and tried to install it again with
> no luck even after installing all the other current updates. I have 11.3GBs
> free on my stem drive and the update is 55.7MBs. Why does this update not
> install. I have 55.0GBs free on my second drive.
> Could someone help me please it gives the error codes
> WindowsUpdate_00006D9E WindowsUpdate_dt000
> after it cannot install the update but I cannot find any information on the
> update errors on Microsofts Website.
> Plese Help???