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I had the same problem. I seem to have the problem on my laptop and yet not
on the desktop, and I cannot find utility.mda on the desktop. It almost seems
that simply unchecking 'Missing: Utility.mda' stops Access for trying to use
it, and the code and query run. Then the next time I looked 'Missing:
Utility.mda' is no longer listed under references.

I have utility.mda in my C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 97\Office folder.
But when I point to it I get the message 'Can't add a reference to the
specified file'. I vaguely remember utility.mda in Access 2.0 modules, but I
am not sure I used anything from it.

If I try to open utility.mda I get the option to use database enhancements,
but I get the message 'You can't convert or anable an MDE file.'

I first encountered the problem when I was running a query that uses mid()
in some VB code and it said a project or library was not loaded. I can also
not run a query that uses trim().

I am not specifically using anything from utility.mda that I am aware of.

Time will tell if the problem recurs, but for now it seems to be sorted out.

"Douglas J. Steele" wrote:

> utility.mda is extremely old: it actually dates back to Access 2.0! You
> shouldn't require it at all.
> Make sure no code is running before you try to open the References dialogue.
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> "tsfhunter69(a)" <tsfhunter69(a)>
> wrote in message news:1CC60EAF-B6E3-421D-9251-7CF47E1FB4F1(a)
> > We recently upgraded to Access 2007. And in the wake of doing so, an
> > application now no longer works. We are getting an error message that
> > says,
> > missing utility.mda. I have run this down in the usual way. I went to
> > the
> > VBA console, tools, and tried to go to the references option to correct
> > this.
> > The references option is however grayed out.
> >
> > Can I get a little help with this? Is there a source to download the file
> > again and reincorportate it into the application? If so, where do I find
> > it
> > not having a lot of luck doing that so far. If my only option is sorting
> > through the thousands of lines of code to find the ones that refer to the
> > file, is there a short cut to finding all the references to it?
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