From: Caleb Clausen on
On 3/23/10, Smart RoR <deepikarohit(a)> wrote:
> In the end, I wanted to see A as ancestor of B.
> No classes, only modules.

So, then, you should use include, I think. It's like inheiritance, but
for modules:

module A;end
module B include A end
B.ancestors #=> [B, A]

From: Robert Klemme on
2010/3/23 Caleb Clausen <vikkous(a)>:

> Am I missing something? Why not just include A from B? Like this:

*I* am the one missing something. I had this nagging feeling that
there must be a simpler way but apparently I was too tired to take it
seriously. Thanks for the correction!

Kind regards


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