From: Kurt on
Hi, I'm having some trouble with conditional formatting. I'm hoping someone
will know, is it possible to have multiple conditions for the same set of
cells that use the gradient function? Basically, what I want to do is set up
a gradient for cells with values 10 to 30, a separate gradient for cells with
values 4 to 10, one for -4 to 4, one for -10 to -4, and one -30 to -10. I
don't want one continuous gradient, but 5 separate gradient with different
colors. This seems like it should be possible, but neither excel 2007 or
excel 2010 beta seem to be able to do it. It tries to make all the cells
obey one of the conditions and ignore the rest, even if their value doesn't
fall in the range for that particular condition (When you use gradient, you
can't click the button for stop if true.) I know this is a little confusing,
but hopefully someone knows what I'm trying to say and can help me. Thanks
in advance.