From: alexandis on
Seems like i've made reply to the author.

Ok, so the question was - should I create my own instance of my
membership-extended class to get to know additional info about logged
user like this

protected void WizardLogin_LoggedIn(object sender, EventArgs e)
DB2MembershipProvider db2Provider = new DB2MembershipProvider();
MembershipUser db2user = db2Provider.GetUser(WizardLogin.UserName);
// and so forth i can get to know all db fields

or I may somehow get pointer to instance, that has been created when I
logged-in via Login control?

Why should I create one more instance, if there was already one
created with login class?

From: alexandis on
Ok, I can see that my suggestion is wrong - when I put something
inside of LoggedIn event, I get connection error when just logging-in.
Maybe I use instantiating incorrectly, but I would rather try to get
instance reference from login control...

From: alexandis on
Well, getting current membership user object is possible via static
membership class:
....LoggedIn(...) {
MembershipUser userInfo = Membership.GetUser(WizardLogin.Username,

but I'd like to know how get rid of extra db call - if it really makes
a sense.
Maybe I should somehow save all often-required data from logins table
to use across the pages?
What is suitable for storing this?