From: AppelonD on
Hi all
I have build my first simple GUI there create users on our cooperated
ftp server, and then generate a mail, with an PDF attached with
credentials including a NATO phonetic edition of a random generated
password. I still rejoice over it, sens it is my first "program" in 10
years. The easiness of creating this simple, but yet handy program,
convinced me to become a Python Enthusiast, and I then bought O'Rely's
Learning Python Fourth Edition, I'm 1/4 in to it by now, and I keep
using Python to simplify my day by day work tasks.

Recently I decided to make my next big GUI project, there would
Include a simple backup application for our users on Windows, This app
should integrand with our corporate IBM tivoli storage manager backup
system, instead of the "command lin"e "black box" there calls dsmc
with there areas to backup. Informing the user to, remember to
shutdown Outlook, there otherwise would lock the local PST files. In
my first project I found that the use of Glade 3 helped me a great
deal, so I went for it again. But this time I became so much more
creative :-) and wanted a About Dialog to show my name. I quickly made
my GUI, and from what I know made my signals for my buttons, but I
keep struggling with how I can connect the Menuitem4 (help -> About)
to my About Dialog, and sense I don't know if I can connect the
menuitem from Glade it self, or I have to define a "function" there
show the About Dialog when Menuitem4 is active, I'm having a hard time
getting on with my project. Could somebody give me a hint, to which
direction I need to move along to connect my menuitem4 to my About
Dialog, I really would appreciate it.

I keep hitting the same tutorials on Google search, and I can't find
the solution from them, even that I have watched carefully many times.

Best regards
Dennis Appelon Nielsn
A Python Fan Boy, but a newbie...