From: Tecknode on
Jason Stacy wrote:
> I observed a strange problem with my computer. Once every approx.3 month I cannot turn on my computer
> after shutdown. It seems to be dead.
> After I plugged out power cable and plugged it in after 10 minutes and wait period of
> approx 2-3 hours it works.
> Does my Power supply unit device need a "warm up" period?
> Its a be quiet BQT E5 model 400 W
> J.

PSUs do NOT have warm-up periods.

Sounds like your PSU is going bad and you are experiencing an
intermittent problem.


To make any PSU have a long life, it is best practice to operate it in
the mid-range of its Rated Max Load.

Example; your system requires 400w, your PSU should be rated at 600w+.
This means the load on your PSU is *near* mid-range which =
more stable voltages, less line noise, and longer PSU life.

In addition, you should be using a USB (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
for your system (except printers).