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More evidence has surfaced that Apple's beleaguered Judas Phone does,
indeed, have serious reception challenges � and today's facts and
figures come from a sophisticated source.

"Tests ... have indicated that Apple's iPhone4 does indeed suffer from
connectivity problems compared to other smartphones," begins a report by
the PA Consulting Group, a global management, IT, and technology
consulting firm headquartered in London.

PA ran the Judas Phone through a comprehensive battery of tests, both on
Vodafone's network and on a test network in an anechoic chamber not
unlike those used by Apple (video) in its product testing, as trumpeted
by Steve Jobs during his "There is no Antennagate" presentation on July

PA's testing was conducted at its corporate Technology Centre, "deep in
the Cambridge countryside", as described in an admittedly somewhat silly
video that the company produced to give an overview of its testing and
that testing's results:

The iPhone 4 was tested in various orientations, being held in different
grips, and with and without a rubber bumper that Apple now offers to any
Judas Phoner who wants one. PA's test bumper, however, was a thick
rubber band, since Apple's branded bumper, they note, is not yet
available in the UK. By way of comparison, the same tests were performed
on a Blackberry Bold 9700 and HTC HD2.


PA's dry, objective overall conclusion: "The iPhone antenna performance
is comparable with the performance of the other mobiles when handled or
hands-free, though at the lower end of the range."

But PA's equally objective assessment of the Death Grip effect is
damning: "The so called 'death grip' gives a substantial further drop in
performance for the iPhone to the point where we could not quantify it
using the same test method."

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