From: John Navas on
The first text message-based Trojan to infect smartphones running
Google's Android operating system has been detected in the wild.

Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer-A poses as a harmless media player
application and has already infected a number of mobile devices, Russian
security firm Kaspersky Lab warns. Prospective marks are prompted to
install a "media player file" of just over 13 KB with the standard
Android .APK extension.

Once installed, the Trojan begins sending SMS messages to premium-rate
numbers without the owner�s knowledge or consent. Victims wind up with a
huge bill while the cybercrooks behind the scheme earn a slice of the
income. There have been isolated cases of devices running Android
getting infected with spyware since last year, but this is the first
occasion that an SMS-spewing Trojan, common in the world of mobile
malware, has affected devices running Google's operating system.

Denis Maslennikov, mobile research group manager at Kaspersky Lab, said
the success of the Android platform in the marketplace has triggered
increased interest from virus writers. The Russian security firm plans
to respond to the increased threat with a new mobile security product,
Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android, in early 2011.

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