From: John Navas on
Rumors of an Android-based tablet from Motorola and Verizon have
surfaced claiming the 10-inch device may be on store shelves by the
fall. Motorola's tablet would be a direct competitor to Apple's iPad.
But unlike Apple's tablet, you would be able to watch television on the
Motorola device thanks to integration with Verizon's FIOS digital TV
service, according to the Financial Times.

The Times doesn't provide any detailed specs for the tablet, but does
say it would support Flash video--another feature the iPad lacks. The
10-inch device would also have a rear-facing camera for taking snapshots
and a front-facing camera for video conferencing. You would also be able
to turn the tablet into a Wi-Fi hotspot, according to the Times,
suggesting the device would likely have 3G connectivity provided by