From: Richard Cornford on
On Nov 27, 3:24 pm, Jorge wrote:
> On Nov 27, 3:45 pm, Richard Cornford wrote:
>> On Nov 27, 2:21 pm, Jorge wrote:
>>> On Nov 27, 3:02 pm, Richard Cornford wrote:
>>>> (...) The result is that the first page of the developers'
>>>> documentation for the application states that nobody is
>>>> _ever_ allowed to extend/modify the Array prototype. That
>>>> injunction is there because in that context it is known
>>>> to be necessary, but no arbitrary restrictions have been
>>>> placed on other prototypes. (...)
>> > Not allowed to extend Array.prototype but can extend
>> > Object.protoype ?
>> If the environment is know not to contain any (non-filters)
>> applications of for-in to ordinary objects what would be wrong
>> with that?
> That [] instances inherit from Object.prototype too and you're not
> filtering for..ins in [] instances ?

Yes, that is a good point.

From: wilq on
I warmly thank you for sharing your wisdom :)

To be honest I got the same feeling about this subject, but I wanted
to make sure that I did not forget about something... Thanks again for
your time spent writing answer !