From: ghettoiam on
I'm trying to use this "Sendfax" method defined here: I can't seem to a set a
properly format the request however. Previously I was using
SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory and was succesfully using the service, but
inside a rails application it could not find the "SOAP" module. A
fair bit of time was spent with no resolution.

I read good things about SAVON ( but I
can't seem to get it to work in a test or in a project. If anyone is
familiar with Savon, I'd -really- appreciate some help as I am stumped
as to why this isn't working.

I have some straight-forward code:

def client
@client ||= "

def send_fax(username="foo", password="bar", fax_number=nil, data=nil)

@response = client.sendfax do |soap|
soap.body = {:Username => username,
:Password => password,
:FaxNumber => fax_number,
:FileData => data,
:FileType => "HTML"}