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Warm Greetings :

Am pleased now in position Press Release to experienced reputable
Forum members ( Atomic bomb was thought a 'Newtoninan'
impossibility , didnt stop many trying ... latest Iranian as yet
unsucessful attempt, N Korea much luckier , India /Pakistan did it
kept confidential .... C# knowledge prefers ) :

kindly please reply email/ fax will do :

" I shall keep all disclosure re new generation data compression
methods in commercial confidentiality , only ever to do only with
prior written consent "
will forward the mathematics basis overview & mathematics proofs , to
begin 'profit shares' confidential collaborations/ further
developments etc.

this forms the 'rigorous' mathematics basis , like so called
Einstein's maths overturned all Newtonian

this to begin 1st familiarise with an invented discovered
object [ mathematics proven by Australia NSW senior Maths Professor,
Polish mathematician independently ] whereby any 'random (or not)'
bits (iteration's input string ) with 2^N possibilities can ALWAYS
INVARIABLE be complete covered represented by ONLY a few smaller
number of lesser length bits_string of length N-1 or N-2 or
N-3 ... N-P [ P around log(base2)[N] ] .... you would then
definite able decide

=> near infinite data representations follows mathematically
[ naturally ]

Australian Professor was even more sceptical but am now content
this 'new Maths foundations discovered like 50 years late than could
have been invented discovered then

with Kind Regards,
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here is link to download a 'mathematics structure' encoding of a
complete random 4,074 bits long file (a random chosen part of Mark
Nelson's AMillionRandomDigits.bin challenge)

download link's new discovered 'mathematics structure' endoded file's

.. in a file with N bits (sufficient large like 8Kbits onwards to
1Mbits) , assume the distributions of unique prefix '0's or '10' or
'110' or '1110' ... or '111...10' (always ends with a '0') is
standard binomial power (ie random) , BUT with added constraints/
restriction that the maximum length of '111....10' at any time could
only be at most log(base2)[R] where R is the total # of bits from
present bit position to the end Least Significant Bit position [ eg
bits_string is 0 111110 11110 10 0 10 110 10 0 10 0 10 0 0 '
then here 110 is the 13th bits , there can be no unique prefix of
total# of bits length > log(base2)[R] at any time, where R is the bit
position # of the unique prefix counting from end Least Significant
position bit ....] this is not simple regular usual normal binomial power series/
random distributions [ usual normal binomial power series/ random
distributions is 'god gifted' not to be compressible] , but here
is added constraint/ restriction that eg '1110' ( of length 4 bits
long) could not occur at position R = 15 or smaller (since log(base2)
[R=15 or smaller value of R] will not allow unique prefix of total#
bits >= 4 to occur at position R < 16 ......

'constraint' 'mathematics structures' encoded (already 1 bit smaller)
file , from input 'universal thought uncompressable' random 4,074 bits
'random' file