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Try going to Options -> Security -> Saved Passwords and clearing any entry
for thenrestart firefox and try again.

"Stefan Patric" <not(a)> wrote in message
> On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 23:23:42 +0100, DEFENDER01 wrote:
>> 'Stefan Patric[_3_ Wrote:
>>> ;3386655']On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 13:44:40 +0100, DEFENDER01 wrote: -
>>> Gmail notifier not remembering password even though i tick the remember
>>> password box.
>>> I am using firefox on all my pcs but for some reason one will just not
>>> remember on every restart i need to sign in every time.-
>>> Check Firefox's Preferences/Settings under Security, see if "Remember
>>> Passwords" in checked. You may have to look. The exact location
>>> varies
>>> between Firefox versions and which OS they run on, and I don't have
>>> access to XP right now, so I can't check.
>>> Stef
>> Thanks yes that is set to remember passwords. I am using the same mail
>> notifier on my other p c and every thing seems to be set the same.
>> I did do a Google and it seems others are having the same problem but
>> have no answers to solve it.
>> guess i will just need to sign in every time i reboot Strange.
> Works on all my Yahoo and GMail accounts. (Firefox 3.5.9 64-bit running
> on Fedora 12 Linux 64-bit) In Preferences, check 'Exceptions' and 'Saved
> Passwords' and see if anything is there. You may have inadvertently set
> some accounts as exceptioned for remembering. Be sure to quit/restart
> Firefox after making Preferences changes to load the new settings.
> Personally, for security, I never have passwords "remembered" on any of
> my systems, Linux or Windows.
> Stef

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