From: Jean-Julien Fleck on
Hello Kurtis,

2010/1/15 Kurtis Rainbolt-greene <thinkwritemute(a)>:
> So I've got this idea for a linux CLI program, and one of the things I
> want the program to do is notify Users of an event via the terminal.
> Is there something out there I can use to do this? I was thinking of
> using the WALL command, but that seems sloppy and requires reading from
> a file (for ubuntu).

If your program is intended to be run from the command-line, why a
simple "puts" would not be enough ? It will naturally write to STDOUT
which is the terminal that ran the command.

BTW, I don't think that users will be pleased if your program write on
*all* their open terminals using wall. I usually have 16 of them open,
each doing a different thing and a program that periodically write
things on all of them will quite rapidly upset me.


JJ Fleck
PCSI1 Lycée Kléber