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Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
With Application
If .EnableEvents = True Then
.EnableEvents = False
CommandButton1.Caption = "Disabled"
.EnableEvents = True
CommandButton1.Caption = "Enabled"
End If
End With
End Sub

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

On Thu, 13 May 2010 07:27:01 -0700, Domenick
<Domenick(a)> wrote:

>That's a good suggestion. Just curious: Does your custom button indicate
>whether the EnableEvents is ON or OFF (perhaps "pushed in" for ON)? If so,
>how did you do this? Thanks.
>"B Lynn B" wrote:
>> There are lots of times when I don't want events to "fire" besides just
>> workbook open, so I've put a little sub in my personal.xlsb to toggle
>> Application.EnableEvents between True and False, and assigned it to a custom
>> button on my quick launch toolbar. Then I just open Excel and click the
>> custom button to disable events before opening a file where I don't want the
>> Open event code to run.
>> "Domenick" wrote:
>> > I'm using Excel 2007. How do I open a workbook (the workbook is a .xls
>> > 97-2003 format) WITHOUT running the Workbook_Open event? I tried holding down
>> > the SHIFT key while opening as this worked in previous versions of Excel, but
>> > the event still runs (unfortunately, there is an ActiveWorkbook.Close at the
>> > end of my code so I can't get in to modify it :(
>> >
>> > I'm sure there is a simple way to do this in 2007 but I do not know it.
>> > Thanks for the help.