From: Martin Hollmichel on
Am 15.04.2010 13:16, schrieb Stefan Taxhet (sonews):
> Hi,
> I think Guy got some good replies on the forwarded message from
> Jean-Baptiste.
> It seems (at least) one point mentioned in my earlier messages was not
> clear enough.
> > * splash screen / about box
> [...]
> > To accommodate that initially these elements will carry only the
> > logo, the modified text and the sponsor logo on white
> > background. For a new splash we count on an effort run by the OOo
> > project.
> An earlier "contest/concourse" is described in our Wiki.
> It would be great if the marketing project could pick this up, drive
> the effort and come to a result even appreciable for our users and
> contributors.
Obviously this works not quite well, my suggestion is to go one more
step backward and start evaluating which of the visuals of the old
splash screen do not work with the new sponsor logo and come then to a
conjointly decision of what will be the basis of a new splash screen:
the old logo or a completely new design (aka white canvas).
> Greetings
> Stefan

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