From: Iain Sharp on
On Fri, 13 Aug 2010 00:23:39 +0200, Erland Sommarskog
<esquel(a)> wrote:

>Mary Phelps (icanhelp33(a) writes:
>> Where should I use convert in this query. I tried but it fails.
>Fails with what? What did you try?
>You can either wrap the entire subquery in convert, or just customerid.
>Most people would do the latter.

Looking at the query, I bet the OP is actually looking for a list of
customer ids for which the discount is valid, therefore there's more
than one result in that resultset.

So concatenation is needed. But we've no clue what the separator is.


If you are looking for the field to become something like

'1, 3, 16, 243, 19, 82'

that's what I mean. If the field is supposed to contain a single
number only, your naming convention is a bit poor..