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Can we clarify this statement RE 2007, as I am having trouble with the prompt
to update links (when opening a file).

Have 2007 settings as; no automatic update, ask to update automatic links
and have tried various combinations of let the user choose, however, not
being prompted. This is an issue as macro link error messages are being
returned when files are converted from 2003 to 2007.

Example, still using unchanges 2003 code "UpdateLinks:=3, ReadOnly:=False,

This could also be a problem with network security of the excel 2007
installation, if so what do I tell IT as far as a location to allow?

Thank you,

"Jim Rech" wrote:

> Different options have different scopes. But all of the Edit options are
> user-level. That means they are saved in the registry when the user closes
> Excel and restored when it is restarted. Ergo, none of the Edit options are
> saved with the workbook.
> --
> Jim
> "Eric" <Eric(a)> wrote in message
> news:11EE4C7D-B8D8-40AA-AF4E-416B0DDFB39F(a)
> | Under tools/options, are the options saved with the worksheet, or do they
> | apply across-the-board for all files that the user is working on? If I
> set
> | an option and send the file to someone else, who may have different
> options
> | set, which option settings are used when the recipient opens the file?
> |
> | I'm particularly interested in the options on the Edit tab, but I'd like
> to
> | know how this works in general.
> |
> | (In MS Word, some options stay with the file while others stay with the
> | user. It can be very confusing!)
> |
> | Thanks.
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