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On Jun 5, 11:51 am, "Bob McClellan" <bob...(a)>

> I try to save all stored procedures, UDF's, Triggers and DDL
> as .sql files in projects and solutions in SSMS. Still... I f
> requently find myself searching solutions via explorer
> looking for files for projects I need to revisit.

The Zeus editor allows files to be arranged into a Project/Workspace
structure and once those files are in place the entire workspace can
be searched almost instantly:

The search can be for an exact match or can be for a partial match
when wildcards are used.

For example, to find the defintition of a table you would just
put the cursor on the table name and then hit 'goto declaration'
keyboard key (F12) or select the option form the menu.

If that table name is defined in the current workspace then the
file containing the table create statment will be load and the
cursor place on that statement.

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