From: Luuke on

Exchange 2007 SP1, Outlook 2007 SP2.

We disabled the functionnality of Outlook Voice Access (OVA) to play e-
mail messages on the phone - and limited it only to listen to voice

But we just noticed that when you disable this e-mail reading feature,
OVA does not tell you how many NEW voice messages you have in your
mailbox (they have not been read in Outlook and are still marked as
unread). You can however continue and listen to them.

So for me the TUIAccessToEmailEnabled PowerShell command set to $false
also prevents knowing how many NEW voice messages we have in our
mailbox. I will not call that a "bug" but... an "unexpected

If some of you also experienced this issue please let me know.
And also if you found a way to have it work ! Exchange 2007 SP2 for
example :-)

Thanks !