From: Stefano Stabellini on
Hi all,
this is another update on the PV on HVM Xen series; a list of changes
compared to the previous version follows:

- the bug caused by modprobing xen frontend modules when xenbus is not
initialized has been fixed: now xenbus is always initialized during
postcore_initcall, before device drivers are initialized, so that we
can be sure that loading xen pv frontends will always happen afterwards,
no matter how the xen platform pci driver is built.
In order to do that xenbus_probe has been moved out of the xenbus
initialization and called it later on at device_initcall.

- a new HVMOP_pagetable_dying hypercall has been added to notify Xen
that a pagetable is going to be destroyed: this improves performances
significantly when running on shadow pagetables.
A patch is currently need on the Xen side for this to work.

Jeremy's comments have been addressed:

- xen_guest_init has been renamed xen_hvm_guest_init;

- init_hvm_time has been moved to arch/x86/xen/time.c;

Konrad's comments have been addressed:

- gnttab_max_nr_grant_frames has been renamed gnttab_max_grant_frames;

- few inaccurate comments have been rewritten;

- the preprocessor checks in platform-pci-unplug.c have been moved to

- few other code style improvements, like using dev_err instead of
printk and strncmp instead of strcmp.

A git tree is available here:


branch name 2.6.34-pvhvm-v4.


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