From: Wu Fengguang on

It seems there are no strong objections against the 512KB readahead size.
(Or, anyone would prefer an 1MB readahead? Chris Mason picked a 4MB size
for btrfs after all.)

So would you include the patchset for wider tests in -mm? I reordered the
patchset a bit: the first 2 patches are good candidates for 2.6.34, while
the others may need longer tests.

Changes since RFC:
- move the lenthy intro text to individual patch changelogs
- treat get_capacity()==0 as uninitilized value (Thanks to Vivek Goyal)
- increase readahead size limit for small devices (Thanks to Jens Axboe)
- add fio test results by Vivek Goyal

[PATCH 01/11] readahead: limit readahead size for small devices
[PATCH 02/11] readahead: retain inactive lru pages to be accessed soon

[PATCH 03/11] readahead: bump up the default readahead size
[PATCH 04/11] readahead: introduce {MAX|MIN}_READAHEAD_PAGES macros for ease of use
[PATCH 05/11] readahead: replace ra->mmap_miss with ra->ra_flags
[PATCH 06/11] readahead: thrashing safe context readahead
[PATCH 07/11] readahead: record readahead patterns
[PATCH 08/11] readahead: add tracing event
[PATCH 09/11] readahead: add /debug/readahead/stats
[PATCH 10/11] readahead: dont do start-of-file readahead after lseek()
[PATCH 11/11] radixtree: speed up next/prev hole search


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