From: Linus Torvalds on

On Thu, 14 Jan 2010, Peter Clifton wrote:
> Would it not be a better idea to turn this feature on by default, then
> use quirks to disable it on the afflicted borken machines?


"Working" is good. "Broken" is bad.

We don't default to clearly unsafe models.

Maybe a few years from now, when people have learnt to do power management
correctly and BIOSes fill in the fields right, we can reconsider. But
right now, it's _way_ more important that things work reliably.

That said, I think a module parameter is the wrong thing. If this can be
done dynamically with a sysfs value, do it that way instead (yes, I
realize that module parameters end up being also visible in /sys, but I
think Jesse's patch doesn't allow a person to set the value - and make it
change the behavior - _while_ the display is all up and running).

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