From: Christian Schuerer on
Hello Jiri,

On Wednesday 06 January 2010 11:14:38 Jiri Kosina wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Jan 2010, Christian Schuerer wrote:
> > here is the patch for linux-2.6.33-rc2:
> > Thanks. Unfortunately, it's wordwrapped, so it can't be easily applied.
> Could you please fix up your e-mail client so that it doesn't mangle long
> lines, or eventually send is as an attachment?

I'm sorry, I have attached all three patches as text files.

> > Added device IDs for the new model of the Apple Wireless Keyboard
> > (November 2009).
> These are solely Bluetooth device, and there is no USB variant, right?

As far as I know of only a new variant of the wireless (bluetooth) keyboard
has been released in November 2009.