From: kxie on
[PATCH v2 0/3] cxgbi iscsi driver

From: Karen Xie <kxie(a)>

This patchset includes:

1. added libcxgbi as the common library for both cxgb4i and cxgb3i driver
2. added cxgb4i iscsi initiator v5.
3. changed cxgb3i to use libcxgbi.

The version 2 includes the following changes:
- Made dbg_level static to avoid compiling errors when both cxgb3i and cxgb4i
are built into the kernel.
- Deleted cxgbi_fill_iscsi_transport() and cxgbi_fill_scsi_host_template().
The iscsi_transport and scsi_host_template are initialized in the drivers
instead of being filled in by the library at runtime..
- Only register with iscsi class transport once per driver type.

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